Wedding Tipi Tent Hire: Creating an Amazing Space.

Hire a Tipi Tent!

Hiring a tipi tent for your wedding can be a great way to add some fun and personality to your big day. Not only do they look amazing, but they can also be a great backdrop for photos and provide a unique setting for your guests to enjoy. If you’re considering hiring a tipi tent for your wedding, read on for everything you need to know about this great option.

Skybar Weddings offer premium quality tipi tents for weddings.

Let Skybar Weddings provide you with an elevated open-air experience under our premium quality Tipis. When it comes to Wedding Tipi Tent Hire – we’ve got you covered!

Skybar Weddings offer a unique open-air atmosphere for your perfect wedding day. With our premium quality tipi tents, you and your guests can enjoy the day together comfortably in the open air without compromising on style or elegance.

Our experienced team will work hard to ensure that the setup and breakdown go smoothly so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

If you’ve chosen to have your special day in a tipi tent, don’t forget about the other important elements—the dance floor, stage, bar, and chill-out seating. Luckily we have a complete range of furniture, lighting, dance floors and more! Perfect for any occasion.

Tipis bring the outdoors in and create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests – but how do you go about creating the perfect space? Let’s look at how to ensure your wedding tipi tent hire is picture-perfect.

Add atmosphere and style to your big day.

Wedding Tipis are becoming increasingly popular; with their unique design and natural materials a tipi creates an experience that’s unlike any other. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or something a little larger, the flexibility of our wedding tipi makes them perfect for couples who want something truly special for their day.

Get creative and make your wedding day truly unique!

Tipi Tents provide an enchanting atmosphere allowing you to add a splash of your own personality and special touches in whatever way you choose – there are many popular themes. Whether it’s romantic fairy lights, luxurious furnishings, creative floral arrangements or fire pits, you can style the perfect tipi setting to wow your guests and make your wedding day truly unique Just make sure everything ties back into your overall theme.

Lighting is Key.

Lighting plays an important role in setting the tone for any event, let alone a wedding. When it comes to tipi hire, lighting can help transform your space into something truly magical. Strings of fairy lights and lanterns can be hung from both sides of the tipi as well as around its central poles – this creates a beautiful ambience as soon as guests enter!

Opt for up-lighters to create washes of colour around the walls if you want something more modern. You could also incorporate props such as candles or spotlights for added drama!

Size Matters!

When it comes to tipi hire, be sure to consider the size of the venue and the number of guests you will have. Our Tipis come in all shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one for your wedding is essential if you want to make sure everyone fits comfortably.

Take advantage of the top-notch expertise of our expert team at Skybar Weddings. With their assistance, you can create a custom layout that is sure to surprise and delight all of your guests!

Whether you’re looking for an intimate gathering or a grand affair, they can craft a tipi tent setup that will make all of your dreams come true. No matter what size or style of tipi tent you need, they have got you covered.

At Skybar Weddings, we will work with you every step of the way. From initial layout creation to last-minute adjustments – ensuring that whatever comes up during planning and on the big day itself all will be handled with ease and professionalism.

What type of Tipi Tent Wedding are you planning? Get in touch we can help!