Don't forget! We offer all flooring you could need.

At Skybar Weddings, we understand how important it is to make sure every detail of your big day is taken care of—including the flooring! With our wide selection of marquee flooring, dance floors, led dance floors, walkways, and carpeted areas, we’re here to ensure that all aspects of your wedding are as beautiful as possible. 
Whether you’re looking for a beautiful dance floor for your reception, marquee with dance floor or need carpeted areas to keep your guests comfortable and stylish, Skybar Weddings has it all. Our wedding marquee and wedding stretch tent flooring hire provides you with great service and quality.
For all the essentials from the dance floor to walkways and carpeted areas – speak to us about your requirements!

Dance Floors

We have a couple of options of dancefloors depending on the client’s preference.

Our most popular dancefloor for weddings is our luxury wooden, parquet dancefloor which we have in two sizes – 5m x 5m and 6m x 6m.

If you would prefer a more festival style dancefloor then we have the option of a white dancefloor.


We use a natural coloured, dandy dura matting in our marquees which is used extensively in the marquee industry. Its popularity has grown from strength to strength due to the fact it is very easy to maintain, extremely durable, fully reversible, lightweight and weatherproof as well as being very aesthetically pleasing for all sorts of events.


In addition to offering stunning dance floors, Skybar Weddings can provide walkways and carpeted areas so your guests can travel around easily and comfortably. Safe and secure flooring and walkways are crucial to the success of your day, and we can offer the works.
Our selection of walkways come in multiple colours and textures so that you can choose something that fits perfectly with the aesthetic of your wedding. Extending the vibe of your day to the outside is a brilliant way to expand space and interaction. Our durable carpeted walkways achieve this – keeping your guests safe and sound and on their feet! 
So don’t forget about this essential element—speak with us today about getting everything you need for a flawless (pardon the pun) floor experience on your special day.

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